Talent Display And Performance Workshop

Online Virtual

Focused on  talents  discussion, life skills activities through talents showcasing and display. All queens get to meet professional instructors  in different fields to help nurture their talents. Activities such as dancing, skating, art, fashion, self defense, beauty and cosmetics, singing and photography. Where: In person – Plains view academy/ AIC South B – 10am : […]


Confidence Fitness Club For Girls

Nurture your talent, express yourself through dance and stay active fit and healthy in an enjoyable way. Let the little queens  come and unwind/relax and  let go for that class work stress moment on the dance floor with our professional instructors and of course  confidence and leadership mentorship inclusive. Activities: SKATING SALSA BALLET & BACHATA […]

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Career Planning Bootcamp

Online Virtual

Focused on a journey to unlocking an authentic career. Every queen has access to explore different career clusters and careers and diverse women role models to learn from their experiences and discover their own path. Entertainment and games available Where: In person–Plains view academy/ AIC South B–10am: -12noon (EAT) Virtual :  Google meet/zoom  4:6pm (EAT) […]


Queens Confidence Retreat/ Team Building

Lemon Valley  Farm Nakuru Nakuru

Focused on growing  self –esteem and confidence through having fun, making friends, and developing vital skills  to build themselves for a fruitful life. April  16TH , 2022 Where: Lemon Valley  Farm Nakuru 8:00 am – 5:00pm (EAT) Cost = 6,500/- Inclusive Meals -10 & 4 O’clock tea, buffet lunch Transport Swimming and team building activities/games […]


Confidence Closet/Dress For Success Workshop For Girls (#Myconfidencecloset)

Focused on girls  fashion and modeling. Every queens has access to meet with professional fashion designer and get opportunity to learn how they can  dress for success, have fun and ask all their questions on fashion. Fashion and design concept and activities for kids Dressing for success presentations Modelling Entertainment and games Dancing lessons Where: […]


Open Craft Day For Girls

Focused on  sensorial based art where activities help boost your child's self esteem through new art skills. Craft inspirations available too from professional  artist. Dot painting on canvas Crafting Drawing & painting Confidence discussions and games Photography April  22nd  2022 Where: In person  class – Plains view academy/ AIC South B – 10am : -11:30pm […]