Period Guide

MENSTRUPEDIA COMIC: The Friendly Guide to Period for Girls 9 years and above

We make it easy to teach and learn about periods and puberty to everyone.

The Confidence Queen is excited to announce the launch of our user friendly educational resource Menstrupedia comic for girls!

Menstrupedia Comic is the period guide for girls ages 9 and above which will help you prepare your daughter for her first period. A guide to having a conversation with your child about her menstrual cycle and equipping her
for puberty.

The book will be available in November 5th, 2022. You can pre-order your copy today at a discounted price before the launch. Sales will run from Sept 16th – Oct 31st , 2022.

In this book you’ll find answers to questions related to changing body, periods, nutrition and menstrual hygiene management during periods. This book helps girls and young women learn on their own in a fun and easy way
using stories and cartoon characters, it offers practical guidance based on first period real life stories, its engaging visuals help a girl learn about periods and her changing body all by herself, it is well researched and medically

Since 2019,The Confidence Queen distributed pads to disadvantaged girls in slums and rural schools. However, ending period poverty is complicated, and distribution of pads alone is NOT enough.These girls receive
inadequate menstrual health education on adolescents and puberty and some have no prior knowledge of menstruation before their first period therefore this educational resource was designed to help eradicate barriers to
menstrual health and equip girls about puberty and will be available for the girls for years to come.

The proceeds from the Menstrupedia sales and all our other products will support menstrual health education and resources for disadvantaged girls in rural schools and slums as we increase
awareness of period talks and reproductive system amongst adolescents.

Together we can all educate girls about periods and puberty!

Join the movement to eradicate period poverty by purchasing a copy of menstrupedia comic.


Feel free to contact us if you require any further information.

Book Cost: Ksh 850

Delivery Cost: Not Included 

Mpesa Till No: 5660379