The Confidence Queen offers the  #1 ONE  on ONE  life coaching for girls  ages 8-19 with coach Nancy.

Every girl deserves to be  the champion of her own life and should have the power  to decide her future. She deserves a mentor/coach who can help her define who she really is and  discover her purpose in life. Someone who can help her with her journey  to  self confidence, overcome life’s challenges to make informed choices, pursue  her wildest  dreams and  thrive with confidence.

We give them tools to raise their confidence and self- esteem through our interactive  live demos and therapeutic art activities. It’s  an online  1hour (per session) coaching  so  that  they can learn from  home safely from anywhere in the world.

Most importantly, students walk away with the  powerful tools needed to help them confront high stake social situations. 

Parenting Community

Parenting teens can be hard. We understand. Join our platform lets be part of your girls’ confidence Journey. 

Welcome to our parenting community!

At the Confidence Queen we believe that all children are individual and different. Therefore, we support parents and caregivers with the advice, tips and resources on resolving the issues affecting girls so that they can make informed decisions that work for them in their individual family circumstances.

Some of the major challenges teens go through are;

  • Identity crisis
  • Self-esteem and body image
  • Communication and relationships
  • Bullying, peer pressure and drug abuse
  • Life transitions/ growing up and development
  • Technology/social media and entertainment
  • Teens lifestyle 
  • Mental and physical health 
  • Behavior and emotions
  • Anxiety, stress depression and suicide
  • Family life
  • Personal resilience 
  • Academic performance and work

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