Self-Esteem, Self Confidence Journal for girls ages 8-13yrs.


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The Confidence Queen LTD provides girls with the tools and resources in areas that are important for obtaining success, boost their confidence and self esteem and help them become their best self. It is important to start developing self – esteem as soon as possible, so kids can face challenges with a sense of resilience.
Low self-confidence can lead our kids into areas we definitely do not want them to go such as  teen early marriage, teen pregnancy, being bullied or turning into a bully, dropping out of school, shyness, and insecurity about themselves.

This confidence journal includes activities on 1)  Self Identity,2) Things I Love About Myself and Why,3) How to Become a More Awesome me, 4)My confidence Daily Check,5)Things in My Control,6)Things  I Can’t Control, 6)Real Me Activity and 7.) Confidence coloring worksheets. These activities will help them actively discover who they are and great qualities  they possess to build their self esteem and confidence. They can use  this worksheets as their mini self care kit 1st edition  to begin to sky-rocket their own self love  their journey to self confidence. It’s so vitally important to teach our tweens/teens how to get out of their heads and transform negativity into a positive mindset.

The  Self esteem activity journal  for girls is a worksheet designed to inspire and empower girls at an early age in their journey to self-confidence. This growth mindset workbook for kids teaches children ages 8-13  to believe in themselves and face challenges with confidence. Becoming bold and fearless.

Now, it’s easier than ever to empower your girls  and provide them with the tool they need to become their best at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is order this beautiful journal now and let your daughter start her self confidence journey TODAY!

Perfect for children ages 8-13yrs. Teens edition also available in the store.

This is  hard copy A5 size. After your purchase the book will be delivered to your address you provided.

We would love to hear  your  feedback to help us improve and  provide quality tools for  our girls.

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Author:  Nancy Akeyo


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