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8 weeks confidence and leadership masterclass designed to boost your girl’s confidence and Make them ready for life's experiences.

The Confidence Queen Programs

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Parenting teens can be hard. We understand. Join our platform lets be part of your girls confidence Journey.

Teen Girl Masterclass

Confidence Masterclass to unlock your girls potential. When girls have confidence, the possibilities are endless

Easy Self- Esteem Builder

DIY interactive video course from Self- Esteem Experts to help kids build their self-esteem and confidence. It’s easy, it’s self-paced and it works!

Power Resources for Power Girls

We know your girls have unlimited potentials, We match that with tools, resources and community to thrive with confidence.

The Confidence Queen Masterclass

We Provide mentorship, educational and life skills tools to help girls thrive in school and general life with confidence. Some of our masterclasses are as follows:

Body Positivity For Girls

Helping teen girls in cultivating a loving relationship with their bodies and providing them with the tools for self-discovery.

Financial Literacy

Financial intelligence; teaching girls principles of saving money and money management.

Queens Transformation -Etiquette skills

Provide queens with the opportunity to improve all aspect of their characters and their confidence.

SMART goal setting and vision board

Giving queens a chance to make a vision board of their long-term and short-term SMART goals and targets.

Confidence Queen Classes

Queens Virtual Baking

Focused on learning new baking skills, make new friends and fun activities. Learning about measuring, weighing and discussions about confidence and talents.

Career Planning

Focused on a journey to unlocking authentic career. Every queen has access to explore different career clusters and careers and diverse women role models to learn from their experiences and discover their own path.

Confidence Fitness Club

Nurture your talent, express yourself through dance and stay active fit and healthy in an enjoyable way. Let the little queens come and unwind/relax and let go for that class work stress moment on the dance floor with our professional instructors and of course confidence and leadership discussions inclusive.
Activities such as skating,salsa, ballet and bachata lady style dance for girls.

Parenting Resources

Bring Up a Teen Can be challenging . For Us we are here to make your parenting journey Easier. From 1-1 parenting Guidance, To Parenting Newsletter and group We are here.

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