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The Confidence Queen empowers adolescent girls to develop their confidence and capabilities. We provide education, training, and mentoring to help girls overcome poverty and gender inequality. Our goal is to raise confident women who can solve community problems using technology.

We mentor

We focus on empowering girls to make informed choices by building their self-confidence and self-esteem. Through our holistic approach to mentorship, we provide a safe and supportive environment for girls to grow, learn, and thrive.

We Empower

We are working to make menstrual health education accessible to girls. Our approach is providing resources, such as the Menstrupedia comics guide, to empower girls with knowledge about their bodies and menstrual health. By breaking taboos and fostering open conversations, we strive to create a supportive environment where girls can confidently navigate their menstrual cycles.

We train

We empower more women through sustainable entrepreneurship Practices. We provide them with comprehensive training in entrepreneurial and financial literacy. This knowledge and skills Equip them with what they need to run a successful business.

Empowering Resources!

Discover our online store filled with inspiring resources crafted for teen girls. Unlock a world of books, guides, gifts and tools that ignite passion, foster growth, and uplift spirits.

Our Impact

5,000+ Girls and young women reached with menstrual health and SRH information through events & schools.

Young people from different backgrounds have a huge impact on us and all our activities. They highlight those parts of the society that are broken, so we can help them in all possible ways to regain hope and flourish in life.

Our numbers that speak

Our work so far has made a profound impact on the lives of young girls.

2 0 +
Sanitary pads distributed
0 +
Girls and parents reached with online mentorship
0 +
Mums reached with MHM information
0 +
women trained on economic empowerment

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Dignity pack

Join us now and make a difference. For just $25, you can provide a year’s supply of Dignity Pads and a Menstrupedia comic book, empowering girls and promoting their confidence and dignity. Together, let’s break the stigma around menstruation and ensure every girl has access to proper menstrual hygiene. Take action today and be part of this transformative journey. Join us in creating a world where every girl can thrive, feel empowered, and reach her full potential. Make a lasting impact. Support Dignity Pads. Act now.

Ignite a Teen Girl's Potential: Sponsor Her Mentorship Journey

Make a life-changing impact by sponsoring a girl to embark on our transformative mentorship program. Your support empowers her to overcome obstacles, build self-esteem, and unlock her full potential. Together, let’s inspire, uplift, and shape the future of a young girl. Donate now and give her the gift of guidance, mentorship, and endless possibilities. Your sponsorship fuels dreams, ignites passions, and creates lasting change. Join us in nurturing the next generation of confident, empowered women. Take action today and become a catalyst for her success. Together, we can make a profound difference in her life and shape a brighter tomorrow.

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