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We empower girls to reach their full potential. That's why we provide the tools, guidance, and community they need to build confidence, discover their strengths, and pursue their dreams.

Tech Hub

Our Tech Hub fosters a supportive environment where girls collaborate, share ideas, and inspire each other's tech journeys.

STEAM club for girls – 6 Months program

  • STEAM Club is a club for girls to explore STEAM skills in a fun and friendly environment.We focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics hands-on activities to help  them embrace their creativity, building their critical thinking and problem solving skills using technology and to develop their interest in STEAM  at an early age.
  • The program focused on a journey to unlocking authentic STEAM career. Every girl have access to explore different STEAM careers and diverse women role models to learn from their experiences and discover their own path.
  • Equip girls and young women to become tech entrepreneurs, creators/innovators, problem solvers and leaders in the society and make an impact.
  • While preparing for a career in tech, girls will get exposure to female role models in STEAM,  carry out their future career research Projects  using   fun and interactive activities  such as  experiments and arts.
  • Our sessions run through weekends and vacations.
  • These sessions are currently divided into two, the hands on STEAM activities and the Computer coding sessions where students develop computer skills to help solve community problem and  prepare them for the new technological season.

Easy Self Esteem Builder for kids

The Easy Self Esteem Builder is divided into segments and the first segment has the following topics:
1)How to Believe in Yourself
2)How to Stay Positive Even When It’s Hard 3)How to Make Good Choices
3)Learn Something New and Never Give Up

  • The Easy Self Esteem Builder is for kids age 7-12 (but can be enjoyed by other ages – and has great content for parents to learn from too!!)
  • Want your kids to believe in themselves?  Check out the Easy Self Esteem Builder!
  • Want your kids to stay positive event when it’s hard?  Check out the Easy Self Esteem Builder!
  • Want your kids to get better at making good choices?  Check out the Easy Self Esteem Builder!
  • Want your kids to get better at learning new things without giving up?  Check out the Easy Self Esteem Builder!
  • Interactive, online classes available on demand for kids to raise self esteem: The Easy Self Esteem Builder from The Self Esteem Doctor Academy
  • Kids needs tools to help improve their mindset and develop a healthy self-esteem; The Easy Self Esteem Builder can help.
  • In times of stress and big changes, the tools from The Easy Self Esteem Builder can help!
  • Kids can have amazing mindset tools without having to go to one-on-one sessions.  The Easy Self Esteem Builder provides private, On Demand Video Lessons for improving mindset and boosting self-esteem.

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